What is ParkClean.?
We are an ecologically focused, socially conscious enterprise serving the North American market with operations in the states of California, Florida, Maryland, Michigan, New York, New Jersey, Texas, Virginia and Washington DC. ParkClean provides a new mobile and eco-friendly system of washing and detailing vehicles in public parking places such as office buildings, malls and parking garages.

Affordable.    Convenient.    Eco-Friendly.

How does it Work?
   Select any of our service locations, verify days and times of operation and schedule online or simply drop by for your car detailing service. NO CASH ACCEPTED. Also ParkClean does not operate any parking structures at the Mall locations and/or the different Garage Parking stations. Local parking rates.

Hybrid and Fuel Efficient Vehicles -  because we love people who think like we do, so for all eco-friendly hybrid cars we offer a 10% discount on all service options.

ParkClean Benefits

    Service and Technology

Customer / Patrons


·  Convenient – Service is performed at idle parking time. Saving the customer’s valuable time for more rewarding business or personal activities.

·    Safe – On-site professional hand wash (scratch less) with no need for car movement from the assigned or daily parked location.

·    Ecological - System utilizes ¼ gallon of water per wash service and uses only biodegradable and eco-friendly products. 

Benefits to the Environment

·    Do you know that the national water usage per car wash is 52 gallons? By using our services you are saving over 50 gallons of water per wash!

·    Moreover, we only use biodegradable products in all of our services. 

Property Managers

·    High-value amenity provided to customers enhancing differentiation of the location

·    One-stop-shop concept, increasing activity, flow and maximizing customer retention

·    Expanded parking lot security w/uniformed personnel and on-site supervisor

·    Service provided without water leakage or potential structural damage to site.



    Professional Service

·    Hand Wash and Detailing Service on-site

·    Value added amenity on-site maximizing idle parking time

·    Payment by Credit or Debit Card ONLY for enhanced convenience and security

·    Service provided as “wash where you park” concept with daily, monthly and pre-paid plans

·    All services are customer guaranteed with the added benefit of being insured to support any service inconvenience.

    Revolutionary Technology

·    System utilizes ¼ of gallon of water per vehicle without water runoff, spillage or sprinkling to vehicles parked nearby.

·    Ecological conscious utilizing bio-degradable and eco-friendly products

·    Washingkart is electrically powered and is noise and pollution-free

·    High-quality and High-value hand-wash service

      Compact service as the “Washingkart” allows for easy movement around cars and tight parking spaces with a minimal footprint - 6 sq/ft of operation.